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Digital/Electric Piano Covers

For small and occasionally portable digital/electric pianos.

Brands include: Yamaha, Clavinova, Casio. Korg and more.


Digital piano covers

Upright Pianos Covers

The standard compact piano common in most households.

Brands include: Boston, Yamaha, Kawai, Borsendorfur and more.


Upright Piano Covers
Digital Piano Cover

Keyboard and Key Covers

They have slightly smaller keys than standard pianos and digital pianos.

Brands include: Yamaha, Casio, Korg and more.


Keyboard Covers

Grand Piano Covers

Majestic and large 3-legged pianos. Baby-grands have recently grown popular due to their compact sizes.

Brands include: Steinway, Y amaha, Boston, Kawai and more.

Grand Piano Covers


Digital Uprights have recently gain popularity due to its size and function.

Brands: Yamaha


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