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Digital/Electric Piano Covers

For small and occasionally portable digital/electric pianos. They are usually 76-88 keys, with heights up to waist-level.

Popular brands include Yamaha (includes clavinova), Casio. Korg and more.


Digital piano covers

Upright Pianos Covers

The standard compact piano common in most households. These are acoustic pianos with 88 keys and they stand as tall as your shoulders.

Popular brands include Boston, Yamaha, Kawai, Borsendorfur and more.


Upright Piano Covers
Digital Piano Cover

Keyboard and Key Covers

This section includes covers made for keyboards (76-88 keys) that are usually portable. They have slightly smaller keys than standard pianos and digital pianos.

Popular brands include Yamaha, Casio, Korg and more.


Keyboard Covers

Grand Piano Covers

Majestic and usually large 3-legged pianos. Baby-grands have recently grown popular due to their compact sizes.

We craft covers for baby-grands to concert grands.

Popular Brands include Steinway, Yamaha, Boston, Kawai and more.

Grand Piano Covers

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