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Upright Piano Covers


Classy | Timeless | Elegant

The Upright Pianos were invented in the 18th century and have since become a popular choice as a household instrument. It's simple and compact style has won the hearts of many pianists and is suited for spaces which are generally smaller.

Our designs are based on the attributes seen on an upright piano, matching up to their elegance and timelessness. Clairevoire Upright Piano Covers were made to accentuate the beauty of the piano, protecting its classy exterior and preserving its intricate interior components. 

Unparalleled in craft and quality, our piano covers are simple, minimalist, yet packed with great functionality, redefining the concept of piano care and maintenance. 

Exterior Protection

Crafted as protection for our beloved instrument, the Clairevoire Grand Piano Cover provides a barrier against scratches, blemishes, dust, minor impact and water (Only for the waterproof models)


Using only the finest materials, we've designed the grand piano cover to look good while providing functional protection. Our grand piano covers features a timeless velvet look that pairs seamlessly with the piano's silhouette.

Interior protection

An instrument made of wood can be susceptible to damage from UV, rapid moisture, and heat changes, causing swells and cracks. We've designed the cover with this in mind, utilizing materials that will reduce such exposures.

Sizing and measurements

Clairevoire's Premium Velvet Upright Piano Covers are made to fit:

Upright pianos and digital uprights with 60.3 inches (153 cm) width or smaller.

Including, but not limited to Upright pianos from the following brands

Steinway & Sons,
Mason & Hamlin,
and many others

SizeWidth/lengthDepthLength/width (cm)Depth (cm)
Standard60.2 inchesUniversal Fit154 cmUniversal Fit

Not sure if the cover fits?

Send us a message with the brand, model or measurements of your piano and we'll give you the correct recommendations.

Alternatively, you may send us your piano image or query directly to contact@clairvoire.com

We'll be more than happy to help! 

Upright Piano covers


The Clairevoire Premium Velvet Upright Piano Cover is the ultimate protection for upright and vertical pianos. An elegant and classic take on upright piano covers, packed with all essential protection features.

  • Hassle-free | Minimalist natural overhang design allows easy access to keyboard without removing cover
  • Waterproof | Layered with Waterproof Coated Nylon inner lining
  • Sunlight & UV ray protection | Essential for wooden piano components
  • External Damage protection | Prevents scratches, blemishes and liquid damage
  • Insulation | Protection against rapid temperature & humidity variations
  • No harmful substances | safe for pets and infant contact
  • Handcrafted| Meticulously crafted with strict tailoring selection
  • Pleated Edges | Classic, minimalist and elegant design
  • Durable | Premium lush and thick heavy-duty velvet material
  • Easy maintenance | Machine washable in cold water
Details & Features

Meticulously Handcrafted

Clairevoire piano covers, designed to portray a simple yet elegant look, is a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

It is made to complement the beauty and timeless built of the Grand piano, giving it a fresh and modern touch.

Meticulously constructed by our master tailors with high emphasis on even the smallest details.


Carefully Handcrafted

Clairevoire piano covers, designed to portray a simple yet elegant look, is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is made to complement the beauty and timeless built of the piano, giving it a fresh and modern touch.

Meticulously constructed by our master tailors with high emphasis on even the smallest details.

Premium Velvet MAterial

Minimalist overhang design

Minimalist natural overhang design on the sides allows hassle-free access to the keyboard without the need of removing the cover entirely.

Elegantly pleated edges enhances the appearance with a classical touch.


External Damage Protection

  • Protects against scratches & blemishes  
  • Guards against dust accumulation 
  • Prevents damage from pets and children 

Our heavy duty premium material adds an essential layer of protection, effectively shields the piano against external damages.

Piano covers are an additional, yet essential protection for pianos, please treat your piano with love and care to prevent damage to your beloved instrument.

The Clairevoire Fleurel series offers a light and essential protection compared to the heavy duty characteristics of the premium velvet upright piano cover series.

Internal Damage Protection

  • Provides protection against sunlight exposure for wooden piano components  
  • Gentle insulation against rapid temperature changes 

The nature of our fabric also adds essential protection against damages not seen by the eye. Rapid temperature shifts and sunlight are detrimental to wooden components and adequate prevention of damage is necessary for the grand piano.

The density blocks off significantly more (99%) sunlight unlike other velvet materials and the thickness acts as a gentle insulator, keeping the temperature in-check and gradual.

The Premium Velvet Series offers the highest level of internal damage protection due to its waterproof layer and dense velvet exterior. The Clairevoire Fleurel provides a lighter and gentler protection.

Piano Cover Care

Clairevoire Upright Piano Covers can be ironed with low heat to remove folds and creases due to transport. 

* Do not iron directly on waterproof inner lining [Premium Velvet Upright Piano Cover Series]

Please refer to product washing label on the underside of the product for detailed instructions.

Machine washable in cold water

Do not use bleach/detergent/softeners.

Tumble dry and remove promptly after drying. Hang dry recommended

Wash separately

Clairevoire Tailoring Studio

Clairevoire Covers are meticulously constructed by our master tailors with a minimum of 15 years experience.

They come from diverse tailoring backgrounds and are credited with qualifying tailoring school certifications.

Our team of tailors are chosen very strictly according to their tailoring skills and only few with the highest standards in workmanship are selected.

We do not believe in the speed of craft, but rather, the attention to details during the process of creation.

Strong emphasis is paid to details considered minutiae to others. Every accurate cut and stitch made comes with pride and passion.

Our handcrafted goods are of the highest quality and unprecedented by others.

Clairevoire Piano Covers are packed and checked exclusively in Singapore, a futuristic country well known for its strict laws and culture for quality goods.

Our covers go through stringent checks before they are packed for shipment.

Our crafts are available in:


What do people say

Jack D

Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2017

Color: Premium Velvet Classic Wine
Verified Purchase

I use it for my Yamaha U1, it fits really well. Well built quality with soft material, does not collect dirt so far.

II really like the color with the piano, the color shown on the picture is exactly what you would see in person.

Highly recommend for Yamaha U1/U3 users.


Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2018

Color: Fleurel Royal Ivory
Verified Purchase

I am very pleased with this piano cover. It's very well made with high quality fabric and fits perfectly on my Yamaha U3. The top part is sewed to be fitted so it won't slide off. It's a bit pricey but piano cover buying choice is so limited in US as nobody makes them here. I certainly didn't want the one made out of cheap lace or velvet type of material in full length for I knew my cats would claw into it to climb up on the piano top and destroy the cover in the process.

On my U3 which is 52 inches tall, it hangs about 6-8 inches below the bottom of the keys which is perfect. I ordered the one in ivory color and is absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a high quality half coat for your upright, go with this one. You won't be disappointed.


Reviewed in Japan on May 4th, 2018 

Color: Fleurel Venezia Brown
Verified Purchase



Reviewed in Japan on February 7, 2020

Color: Fleurel Viridian Green
Verified Purchase



Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2018

Color: Premium Velvet Midnight Black
Verified Purchase

This piano cover is truly exceptional. The quality of materials and workmanship far exceeded our expectations.

Not only
does it provide the needed protection but it also allows the beauty of the lower front half of the piano to show. Consider-ing the price, this cover is also an exceptional value.

Dennis McNeilly

Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2019
Color: Premium Velvet Midnight Black
Verified Purchase

Remodeled recently and used this to cover 50 inch upright. Worked well and looks great. High quality fabric and made well! Excellent!!

Piano Covers | Exclusive Maker

Clairevoire piano covers, designed to portray a simple yet elegant look, is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is made to complement the beauty and timeless built of the piano, giving it a fresh and modern touch. Meticulously constructed by our master tailors with high emphasis on even the smallest details.

Handcrafted with luxurious and durable velvet fabric, our state of the art material provides additional UV ray protection for wooden piano components, also granting gentle insulation against rapid temperature & humidity changes. Only the highest-grade velvet are handpicked by our tailors