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Brand origins


Exclusive Maker of Piano Covers

Clairevoire piano cover washing label stitching 


Clairevoire® specializes in the creation of piano and keyboard covers, redefining the concept of a cover originally used only for it's functionality.

Designed by pianists and lifestyle designers, carefully crafted by master tailors, Clairevoire covers are made to suit the ideals of a pianist while fitting in a contemporary lifestyle setting. Only the highest-grade materials are selected by our master tailors for their finest craft.

For a pianist, the life of her cherished instrument is as precious as Stradivarius, however beautiful and elegant as she is, requires tender care to be taken in her maintenance and the external damage prevention would prove to be a distinct step in enhancing her longevity. 



Clairevoire® Origins

 Full view of a Clairevoire tailor marking fabric for piano cover making

Founded in 2015, Clairevoire® piano and keyboard covers have since found their place in the minds of piano enthusiasts all over the world.


The company began its journey with a lean team consisting of several musicians, a lifestyle interior designer and a fashion director. With the ideals and strict requirements of our pianists, alongside the senses and craftsmanship of our designers, Clairevoire®,an exclusive maker of piano covers, is a reflection of elegance, a perfect marriage of precise craftsmanship and artistic expression.


Our growth in these short yet simple years has allowed Clairevoire® to expand swiftly across the globe and into stores of renowned music retailers.


"Luxurious covers, lovingly crafted to perfection, created to accentuate the sensuous curves of the classical piano, nothing else comes close to these timeless masterpieces, the paragon of beauty."


Our Crafts

Tailor carefully marking pre cut fabric

Clairevoire masters marking pre-cut fabric 


Clairevoire Covers are meticulously constructed by our master tailors with a minimum of 15 years experience. They come from diverse tailoring backgrounds and are credited with qualifying tailoring school certifications. Our team of tailors are chosen very strictly according to their tailoring skills and only few with the highest standards in workmanship are selected. 


Clairevoire tailor carefully measuring length of craft

Emphasis on even the smallest details


We do not believe in the speed of craft, but rather, the attention to details during the process of creation. Strong emphasis is paid to details considered minutiae to others. Every accurate cut and stitch made comes with pride and passion. Our handcrafted goods are of the highest quality and unprecedented by others. 


clairevoire tailor trimming piano cover edges

Trimming of angled piano cover edges


Clairevoire Keyboard & Piano Covers are not mass produced. Our premium crafts are carefully made, resulting in the limited quantities that we can produce in a short time frame. Our masters also possess bespoke tailoring experiences, which allows us to craft model specific piano covers. Our way of tailoring also allows us to create only a small number of tailored covers not possible for large production lines.


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