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YAMAHA Clavinova Digital Piano Dust Cover | Premium Velvet | waterproof

Size Guide


Exclusive maker of piano covers

Made to complement the beauty and elegance of a piano, each cover is meticulously crafted to perfection. Using only the finest materials, Clairevoire piano covers are gracefully constructed by skilled tailors, enhancing aesthetics and providing protection.
Elegance is beauty, and beauty should be unscathed, accentuated, and embraced.



  • Meticulously Handcrafted with luxury-grade Premium Velvet Fabric.
  • Double layered with waterproof inner lining | Thick, lush & high-density finish ensures that your piano & keyboard are protected against dust and water spills
  • Contemporary & modern lifestyle setting | Minimalist natural overhang design allows the cover to fit on the widest range of piano models

  • The vertical length covers up to 3/4 of the piano [ Varies slightly on different piano models], allowing adequate air circulation for wooden components of the piano

  • Meticulously tailored, inspected, and designed to fit Yamaha Clavinova series and similar-sized digital and acoustic pianos



Exclusive maker of piano covers

Clairevoire specializes in the creation of piano and keyboard covers, redefining the concept of a cover original used only for its functionality.
Designed by pianists and lifestyle designers, and carefully crafted by master tailors, Clairevoire piano covers are made to suit the ideals of a pianist while fitting in a contemporary lifestyle setting. Only the highest-grade materials are selected by our tailors for their finest craft.
For a pianist, the life of her cherished instrument is as precious as Stradivarius, however beautiful and elegant as she is, requires tender care to be taken in her maintenance and the external damage prevention would prove to be a distinct step in enhancing her longevity.


Double layered with a waterproof inner lining to protect the piano from unforeseen water accidents.


Modern and trendy Design

Minimalist natural overhang design allows hassle-free access to the keyboard without the need of removing the cover entirely.


Piano Care Features

  • Prevents scratches and blemish
  • Provides protection against sunlight exposure for wooden piano components
  • Waterproof
  • Gentle insulation against rapid temperature change
  • Guards against dust accumulation 


Fitting and measurements

SIZE 136 CM [53.5 in] is designed to fit:

Clavinova CLP 725 | 625 | 525

Clavinova CVP 701 | 601 | 501 (Does not fit model with GP)

ARIUS YDP 103 | 142 | 143 | 144 | 161 | 162 | 163 | 164 | 181 | S34 | S52 | S54 

KAWAI CN29 | CA49 | KDP110 | KDP120

Roland FP701 | F140R

Korg G1 Air | C1 Air | LP180

Also fits some other Korg/Rolands/Casio models


SIZE 138 CM [54.3 in]is designed to fit:

Clavinova CLP-320

Clavinova CVP-501

Casio Celviano AP260 | AP650M | AP700 | AP710

Roland Lx705 | 706 | 708 | RP102 | RP701 | RP30 | RP302 | HP702 | HP704 | HP601 | HP603 | HP605 | HP501R | HP504 | HP503 | HPi50e 

Williams Rhapsody II

SIZE 143 CM [56.3 in] is designed to fit:

Clavinova CLP-480 | 470 | 440 | 430 | 230 | 240 | 625 | 330 | 340 | 370

Clavinova CSP 150 / 170 series (fitted book stand)

Clavinova CVP-805 | 705 | 709 | 605 | 609 | 503 | 505 | 509 (Does not fit 709GP, 609GP, 509GP)

Casio Celviano AP270 | AP470


Also fits some other Korg/Rolands/Casio models

*Size 143 includes a sealable velcro for bookstands in the middle of the cover*


SIZE 147 CM [57.8 in] is designed to fit:

Clavinova CLP-785 | 775 | 745 | 735 | 685 | 675 | 645 | 635 | 585 | 575 | 545 | 535

(Does not fit model with GP)

Clavinova CLP-S406 | S408 | S306 | S308

Clavinova CVP-809 (Does not fit CVP-809GP)


AvantGran N1X, N2

KAWAI CN39 | CA79 | CA99

Also fits some other Korg/Rolands/Casio models


The vertical length covers from under the keyboard up to 3/4 of the piano height. [Varies on different models of a piano]

also suitable for Junior sized uprights / digital uprights with a width less than 147cm from Steinway, Yamaha, Casio, Baldwin, Kawai, Wurlitzer, Bechstein, and more

*If your piano model is not mentioned here, as long as your piano width is smaller than the measurement, the Clairevoire Clavinova Cover should fit well. The universal overhang design is suitable for most depths and heights of similarly sized models.