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[Yamaha | Steinway | All Brands] 2019 Waterproof ULTIMA Velvet Grand Piano Cover

Size Guide


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Made to complement the beauty and elegance of a piano, each cover is meticulously crafted to perfection. Using only the finest materials, Clairevoire piano covers are gracefully constructed by skilled tailors, enhancing aesthetics and providing protection.
Elegance is beauty, and beauty should be unscathed, accentuated, embraced.



Clairevoire Ultima - Waterproof premium velvet grand piano cover series

  • Layered with high density & coated premier nylon interior, providing absolute protection against liquid spills and drips.
  • Redesigned Clairevoire logo with a modern twist, meticulously sewn silver on black patch ( replaces the current gold logo in the images )
  • Non-pleated contemporary look for a simpler, cleaner and minimalistic design ( replaces the current pleated edges in the images )
  • Premium lush and thick heavy-duty velvet material (non-flimsy & non-translucent)
  • Side fold-overs allows piano players easy access to the keyboard without removing the cover
  • Enhanced external damage protection from scratches & blemishes
  • Provides gentle insulation against rapid temperature & humidity variations
  • Improved sunlight & UV ray protection for wooden piano components
  • No harmful substances for pets and infant contact, extra layer provides adequate protection even against
  • Handcrafted premium product with strict tailoring selection in Clairevoire's studio
  • Machine washable in cold water




Exquisite Elegance


Clairevoire specializes in the creation of piano and keyboard covers, redefining the concept of a cover original used only for its functionality.
Designed by pianists and lifestyle designers, carefully crafted by master tailors, Clairevoire piano covers are made to suit the ideals of a pianist while fitting in a contemporary lifestyle setting. Only the highest-grade materials are selected by our tailors for their finest craft.
For a pianist, the life of her cherished instrument is as precious as Stradivarius, however beautiful and elegant as she is, requires tender care to be taken in her maintenance.
Clairevoire Ultima: Waterproof Premium Velvet Grand Piano Series

New 2019-2020 model available in Midnight Black only
*Please note that the Classic Golden Clairevoire logo has been replaced by our Clairevoire Silver on Black modern patched Logo in this series
Carefully Handcrafted

Clairevoire piano covers, designed to portray a simple yet elegant look, is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is made to complement the beauty and timeless built of the piano, giving it a fresh and modern touch. Meticulously constructed by our master tailors with high emphasis on even the smallest details.
Unprecedented Quality

Handcrafted with luxurious and durable velvet fabric, our state of the art material provides additional UV ray protection for wooden piano components, also granting gentle insulation against rapid temperature & humidity changes. Only the highest-grade velvet are handpicked by our tailors.
Contemporary and Classical Design

Classical Velvet brings out the elegance and beauty of the grand piano, giving it a majestic and posh look while adding essential protection features. Pleated edges are a blend of modernity with the classics which gives the piano a highly refined look.
Side Foldovers

Foldovers by the sides allow the keyboard to be easily accessed without the hassle of removing the cover. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics, the side foldovers are a necessary feature on grand piano covers due to the large size of the instrument.

Waterproof layer


Our coated nylon inner layer not only provides absolute protection against liquid spills, it also acts as an additional shield against scratches, impact, UV rays, temperature shifts and humidity variations. The all-in-one enhanced protection allows peace of mind even to the most precious of grand pianos.


Piano care

Piano protection features:

  • Prevents light scratches and blemishes
  • Provides protection against sunlight exposure for wooden piano components
  • Insulation against rapid temperature changes
  • Guards against dust accumulation
  • Protects against liquid spills & light impact

For tips on caring for your piano, our research & design team has written and reproduced an online guide to aid all piano owners.
Piano covers are an additional yet essential protection for pianos, please treat your piano with love and care to prevent damage to your beloved instrument.
Cover care

The Clairevoire Classic: Premium velvet upright piano cover series can be ironed with low heat to remove folds and creases due to transport.

Please refer to the product washing label on the underside of the product for detailed instructions.
  • Machine washable with cold and clear water only
  • Hand wash and professional cleaning recommended
  • Avoid bleach and detergents
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron with low heat
  • DO NOT IRON on waterproof nylon side
*For a detailed piano care guide, click here 
Measurements and fit

Meticulously tailored, inspected and designed for baby grands to full-sized grands.

Clairevoire Grandeur: Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover Series comes in multiple sizes tailored to fit different models grand pianos

Suitable for most grand pianos, including but not limited to [ YAMAHA, STEINWAY, BOSENDORFER, KAWAI, SHIGERU, CHICKERING and many others]

Carefully crafted by our master tailors for:

Piano Length [Front to back] x Width [keyboard span]

GB1K / GA1 / CN151PE 
151cm x 149cm
5 ft x 4 ft 10 inch
GC1 / C1X / DC1 / G1 / CN161PE 
162cm 151cm
5 ft 3 inch 4 ft 11.5 inch
GC2 / C2X / DC2 / G2
174cm 151cm
5 ft 8 inch 4 ft 11.5 inch
C3X / DC3 / G3
187cm 151cm
6 ft 1 inch 4 ft 11.5 inch

Able to fit other similar sized baby & grand pianos. *If unsure, please feel free to contact us for assistance regarding size suitability or refer to our guide to measuring a piano

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Sizing Guide for Piano Covers

How to measure pianos and keyboards


Grand Piano & Baby Grand

The biggest physical differentiator between Grand pianos or baby grands is their length. They range from 5" all the way to 8.5". There are also several concert grand models that are even longer in length.

Traditionally, Piano makers have found that longer strings tend to increase instrument power, reverberation and produces the desired tonal characteristics, which gave rise to the popularity of grand pianos. 

Before measuring your piano, please make sure to close the lids and keep the music rest down for a more accurate measurement.


How to measure a grand piano insturctions

Top down view of a grand piano

 Place measuring tape over red line [Measuring line guide]


Length: From the front of keyboard to the center of the tail at the back [ Longest points with the lids closed]

Width: From right to left over the music shelf where the music rest is located [ Longest points with the lids closed ]

Height: From the floor to the tallest point of the piano [Music rest folded down or kept under lid]

*Please note that the lids usually give slight extensions to the piano, it isimportant to account for the full length and width of the grand piano.



Vertical and Upright Piano

Upright pianos, also known as vertical pianos, features a compact frame and vertical strings. They are popular models purchased for home use due to their size and affordable pricing. 

The sizes of these pianos also vary among different manufacturers even though their shape stays relatively similar. Most standard sized upright pianos are around 150-154cm [ 4 feet and 11.055 inches ] in width while junior sized uprights are approximately 148-149cm [ 4 feet and 10.26772 inches ]

Our upright piano covers are designed such that it is able to fit almost all the different models from individual manufacturers. This is due to the overhang design, which also allows easy access to the keyboards. The overhang design has a natural and minimalist approach which provides greater ease and efficiency for the piano user.


How to measure an upright piano photo instructions

Top down view of the upright piano

  Place measuring tape over red line [Measuring line guide]


Width: Measure from left to right over the top of the piano [ Longest points with the lids closed ]

Depth: Measure from front of keyboard to back of piano [ Longest points with lids closed ]

HeightFrom the floor to the tallest point of the piano, usually on the piano lid [ Tallest point with lids closed ]

*Please note that Piano width is often mistaken with the term "piano length" for upright or vertical pianos. Certain electric or digital pianos, such as the Yamaha Clavinova Series, are shaped to look similar to an upright piano. In these cases, they are measured the same way as an Upright piano.



Digital Piano & Keyboards [ 76 - 88 keys ]

The Digital pianos are the smallest in size as they do not require strings to be installed. Portable and full of features, these pianos are highly popular with beginners and experts alike. 

The main difference between a digital piano and a keyboard is their action and size of the keys. Digital pianos are made to resemble the feel of an acoustic piano and they usually come with 88 keys, which is the usual number of keys found on an upright or grand piano.

How to measure a digital or electric piano instructionsTop down view of a Digital Piano / Keyboard


WidthMeasure from left to right over the entire span of the keyboard [ Include the body of keyboard, longest points]

Depth: Measure from front of keyboard to the back

Height: Measure from base of the body to the highest point [ Do not include the music rest ]

Please note that the height of the Digital piano or keyboard does not include the keyboard or piano support stand. Do not measure from the floor up unless specified to do so.  


Piano cover sizes are included in their own description pages. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if unsure of the size suitability of the piano covers.