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Exclusive maker of piano covers


Made to complement the beauty and elegance of a piano, each cover is meticulously crafted to perfection. Using only the finest materials, Clairevoire piano covers are gracefully constructed by skilled tailors, enhancing aesthetics and providing protection.

Elegance is beauty, and beauty should be unscathed, accentuated, embraced.


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Exquisite Elegance


Clairevoire® specializes in the creation of piano and keyboard covers, redefining the concept of a cover original used only for its functionality. Designed by pianists and lifestyle designers, carefully crafted by master tailors, Clairevoire piano covers are made to suit the ideals of a pianist while fitting in a contemporary lifestyle setting. Only the highest-grade materials are selected by our tailors for their finest craft. For a pianist, the life of her cherished instrument is as precious as Stradivarius, however beautiful and elegant as she is, requires tender care to be taken in her maintenance.
Made-to-measure & Handcrafted
Clairevoire digital piano covers, designed to portray a simple yet elegant look, is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is made to complement the modern built of the digital piano, giving it a fresh and contemporary touch.

Meticulously constructed by our master tailors with high emphasis on even the smallest details. Designed for a perfect fit on an 88-key keyboard. Neat & compact style blends seamlessly into a modern & trendy environment. 
Unprecedented Quality & Design

Made only with luxury-grade materials to ensure quality and durability. Available in Ebony Black, Pearl White and Black leatherette. Featuring ideal details found only on classic grand piano covers for functionality and convenience. 
Double layered construct

Differentiated from the usual thin quality materials on generic covers, the Clairevoire Digital Piano Cover is a double layered for enhanced protection, further preventing water fine dust from reaching the keyboard.
Fitted book-stand opening

Tight fitting book-stand opening prevents dust from entering while allowing the book-stand to be kept in place. Overlapping design of the opening prevents excessive draping on the back of the digital piano. The book-stand opening is meant to fit the connecting base of the digital piano. Recommended to install the cover before fitting the book-stand on the digital piano.

Side fold-overs

These features are found only on classic grand piano covers. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics, they allow the keyboard to be easily accessed without the hassle of removing the cover.