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January 10, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Music enthusiasts who own a grand piano will surely find a piano cover of great value. These musical instruments, if not taken care of properly, can deteriorate over time. Piano covers help preserve the beauty and great quality of grand pianos by protecting them from the effects of the elements, among others.

How Important is a Piano Cover?

A piano cover is an essential protection for all kinds of piano. Whether it be baby grand or upright pianos, piano covers will be its ultimate protection. Sunlight, temperature, and dampness are just some factors that contribute to the deterioration of a grand piano that does not have a piano cover.

What to Look For In a Good Quality Piano Cover

As there are a lot of brands in the market, it is always best to list down qualities that will help in choosing a piano cover that is of excellent quality. One can never be stingy when choosing piano covers for it will be of great help in preserving the beauty of grand pianos.

There are times when liquid is accidentally spilled on the piano, and this can damage the instrument externally. Piano covers that provide external damage protection should have a water-proof lining. The entire cover should have an inner lining that is waterproof so that even in the case of a heavy downpour, the instrument is safe from external damage.

Temperature changes and humidity can also contribute to the deterioration of a musical instrument. Changes in temperature can cause dampness on the grand piano, which can lead to it being out of tune. Humidity variations can also damage the wood that the piano is made from. A good-quality piano cover should have gentle insulation that will protect the instrument from humidity variations. This gentle insulation will protect the instrument from rapid temperature changes too.

Sunlight can also help damage grand pianos. These instruments, when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, will begin to show a damaged finish which will make them look old. A relatively new piano that is in constant sunlight exposure will show premature aging. To prevent damage, choose a piano cover that highlights its additional UV ray protection. In that way, a piano is still protected despite prolonged sunlight exposure.

Dust accumulation is a common contributing factor in the deterioration of any musical instrument. Without piano covers, dust can get inside the piano and accumulate. In time, dust accumulation can lead to sticky keys, which makes the piano difficult to play. Dust that has accumulated on the interior of the piano can also affect its tuning pins, dampers, or other components which also lead to a damaged piano. A good quality piano cover is one that is designed to eliminate the entrance of dust. The entire cover should prevent dust from touching any and all wooden piano components.

A grand piano, or any musical instrument, will inevitably get scratched and be blemished when it is left uncovered. A grand piano cover prevents this from happening. There are piano covers that are made from the highest-grade velvet that protects the instrument from damage and adds to the elegance of the look as well.

Upright Piano Covers: The Perfect Accessory for Grand Pianos

Online sites like Clairevoire offer piano covers that are an example of elegant and well-made covers, like a Steinway piano cover. Clairevoire piano covers are timeless and classy. A Steinway piano cover has become a popular choice in protecting and accessorizing a grand piano because it adds a more elegant look to a beloved instrument. Pleated edges on the cover will give it a classic and timeless look while straight-cut edges will give the cover a more modern vibe.

Piano Covers Add a Touch of Elegance to a Room

Grand piano covers, depending on their material and stitching, can add beauty to the instrument's whole look. For instance, upright piano covers can add a fresh and modern touch to a 20-year old grand piano. A well-maintained Steinway grand piano can last up to more than 20 years, so it is only fitting to pair this beloved instrument with a grand piano cover that is made from very durable velvet fabric and handcrafted by master tailors. These meticulously constructed grand piano covers not only provide extra protection but also add to the elegant feel of the instrument.