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January 10, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

For musical instrument owners, a dust cover is a must-have. Whether it be a grand piano or a digital piano, it is important to make sure that all components of the instrument are kept hidden and not damaged by the elements or by harmful dust. In order to keep his digital piano in top shape, a responsible owner never forgets to include this in his wish lists.

How Important is a Piano Keyboard Dust Cover?

Dust covers protect piano keyboards from premature aging, blemishes, and overall deterioration due to debris, spillage, or scratches. Pets can also add damage to a piano when they jump or lay on top of it. Although lovable creatures, pets can cause accidental damage to an instrument that does not have a dust cover.

It can also protect the instrument from any sort of debris or liquid droppings. Left uncovered dust and dampness can accumulate on the outside of the piano and worse, even on the inside. When this happens, some components of the digital piano keyboard, like its keys, can develop rust which will ultimately lead to damage.

What To Look For When Shopping for a Piano Keyboard Dust Cover

Whether it be an online shop or a physical one, it would be good to list down things to consider before buying a protective cover for a keyboard piano. Listing down qualities to look for in a product can lead to a worthy purchase. Keep in mind that a product of excellent quality should be worth its price.

A good cover should be soft and made from a stretchable material so that it easily stretches and accommodates the whole piano. Spandex material is ideal because it can accommodate different types of keyboards whether it be a 61 key Casio or an 88 key Yamaha.

It should also be lightweight so that it does not add unnecessary weight to the instrument. Lightweight materials are also easy to handle and wash.

Also, take into account that the material used for the cover is one that does not trap settled dust. One should be able to brush off settled dust on the material easily. These covers should be easy to wash too, whether manually or by using a washing machine. The keyboard cover should also be waterproof so that it prevents any liquid or moisture from seeping into the keys or other components of the instrument.

The cover itself should have a locking clasp in order to prevent damaging elements from passing through any gaps. Color options for a dust cover are not a bad idea too. Most of all, a dust cover should be made from sturdy material, so that it withstands all the abuse it might take to protect the piano.

Does This Product Have a Warranty?

Warranty is very important when buying any kind of product. There might be instances where little tears or blemishes become unnoticed even after quality control and only becomes apparent after it is about to be used. These are instances wherein the warranty of a product becomes useful because it gives the buyer the right to have the faulty product replaced. A product that comes with a solid warranty should always be considered. Responsible manufacturers should also have their contact information clearly written on the product packaging in case warranty issues come up.

Piano Keyboard Dust Covers With a Built In Bag

One good thing about a dust cover that comes with its own bag is its easy storage every time the piano keyboard is in use. A built in bag that comes with this cover should have a locking clasp that fastens bag shut and keep its content from falling off. This built in bag should also have a plastic cord that comes in handy when traveling.

Where to Buy One?

There are a number of sellers online that offer a good quality 88 key keyboard dust cover. One just needs to click on a browser and open a page about the best protection covers for keyboards. For instance, typing on the keywords Yamaha, keyboards, and cover will bring up several search results that will lead to a number of online shops that sell covers for Yamaha keyboards.

When visiting an online shop, one should always search for feedback about the product first before deciding whether to buy or not. A product review can be very helpful when buying any product online. It is always a good idea to first search for piano keyboard accessory reviews in order to have more ideas about which brands are good and which are not. A lot of satisfied customers often leave a review about a particular product they bought online, so looking for a dust cover review search is definitely not a bad idea. Reading the complete product description will also be very helpful when deciding which brand to buy. Price should not be the only consideration for a potential buyer.

How to Shop Online for a Piano Keyboard Cover

Online sites like Clairevoire sell products like an 88 key piano dust cover, among others. Products displayed on the site show a picture (or more pictures) that showcase its overall look. The images on these online shops help customers decide which product to buy. The price for this type of product can range from around $40 to about $170, depending on the material it is made from. Aside from the Clairevoire brand, there are also other brands that offer good quality covers such as Clicks Depot or On-Stage.

To purchase any product online, the first stage is to create login information. Once logged in, a potential buyer can then browse for different products and add those he plans to buy to his cart. He can add more products to his cart as he browses among the different products displayed. To get an idea about which products, or in this case piano keyboard covers, he can also check recently viewed items on the site.

As for payment methods, a buyer need not worry about getting his information stolen, as reputable online shops provide security in order to prevent customer information stealing. A seller then ships a successful purchase at the soonest possible time.