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January 10, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Having a piano or keyboard at home is a fascinating experience. Aside from the wonderful melodies it produces, it adds elegance and beauty to your abode. However, maintaining a piano is also another story.

Like any piece of equipment or instrument at home, the piano is exposed to all elements like moisture, dust, pets, and even children, which can harm or damage it. No matter how vigilant you are, it's impossible to avoid these circumstances.

The quickest solution to this dilemma is using a piano cover cloth. While it is acceptable to use any cloth, ensure that it won't scratch our piano’s surface. It must also afford adequate protection against damaging elements and should not spoil the aesthetics of our home.

Today, we will give you basic pointers on what to consider when buying a piano cover cloth, depending on what type of piano you have at home.

What to Consider When Buying a Piano Cover Cloth


There are many types of fabrics available, but it's ideal to use the thicker ones, which give higher protection for your piano.

Choose materials with additional layers, preferably those with waterproofing features, that are dust-resistant, scratch-resistant, and thick protection against the sun. Just make sure that the bottommost layer is soft enough not to damage your piano.


Before setting out on a buying mission, measure your piano first. Pianos and keyboards have a wide range of sizes, so what you see in the shops isn't necessarily fit for your piano. Whether you're using an upright piano or a grand piano, what's important is for the cloth to neatly cover the instrument.

Generally, you can choose between a fitted cloth or a universal one. Fitted types are already custom-made according to famous brands. You may also opt for customization if the vendor does not carry a piano cover that fits your brand.


The design wholly depends on you as the buyer. But if you want it to easily blend in any theme, it’s practical to pick an understated or neutral color such as black, leather, or brown.

The Best Piano Cover Cloth

As each piano model is unique, the piano cover cloth has to fit and protect it. Here are some guidelines and tips per type of piano or keyboard.

1. Grand Piano Covers

Grand piano covers usually measure 5 to 9 feet in length and 4 o 5 feet in width. Traditional piano covers need to be wholly removed when you use the piano. However, some brands have side fold-overs, eliminating the need to remove the cover. Pick piano cover brands that involve less maintenance – easy to wash and iron.  The cover must have heavy-duty protection and if possible, promote an overall look of elegance and grandeur.

2. Upright Piano Covers

Invented in the 18th century, upright pianos have become a home instrument in many homes. For upright piano users, a reliable piano cover has to have extra layers of waterproofing features and must provide insulation against variations in temperature and humidity. Upright piano covers are usually offered in universal fit at around.

3. Digital or Electric Piano Covers

Digital or electric pianos deserve the utmost care. Considering its electrical components, digital pianos should be waterproof at the very least. If possible, pick the cover that matches the brand, size, and keys of your digital piano or keyboard.

4. Keyboard Covers

Keyboards are similar to electric pianos in terms of dimensions, so you can choose a universal cover cloth to protect them from unwanted damage.

Piano covers are essential to pianos, keyboards, and even organs, to preserve their condition.

In choosing your piano cover, make sure that you place quality on top of the criteria, then include a touch of stylishness.